Instructions for withdrawing funds from the BC

And reasons for refusal How to withdraw money from the account and what to do if the bookmaker does not pay? We answer the main questions of the players.

Withdrawing money from a bookmaker is sometimes more difficult than robbing a bank. But there is no need to be afraid if you follow the rules. In this article, we will analyze how best to withdraw money from a bookmaker, the reasons for refusal and what to do if withdrawal is prohibited. This article was published thanks to the “Championship” Betting Academy and FONBET. Study sports betting, take tests, earn experience and win the leaderboard. Overtake the editor-in-chief!

Replenishment of the account in the bookmaker’s office
There may be funds in your account even without replenishment. For example, you have successfully used the bookmaker’s bonus. But you will not be able to withdraw money without a deposit.

You need to make a deposit to confirm one of the deposit/withdrawal methods.

The choice of payment methods for most bookmakers is the same:

Bank cards: Visa, Mastercard or MIR and the MCC wallet.
Qiwi wallet and Qiwi terminals.
Apple Pay.
Mobile operators.
Only mobile operators can charge a commission for replenishment. The minimum amount of input is usually from 10 to 100 rubles, and the maximum is from 5 thousand rubles and has no restrictions on some methods. Funds are credited to the account instantly.

Legal bookmakers carry out all money transfers through TSUPIS. Read more about this organization here:

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How best to withdraw money from a bookmaker
The same methods are usually available for withdrawing money as for entering, except for Apple Pay and Qiwi terminals.

If you have replenished your account with different methods, you can order a withdrawal to any of the previously used ones.

For example, you have topped up your account using a bank card and a Qiwi wallet. The withdrawal will be faster to a Qiwi wallet, but it is better to withdraw money to a card in order to dispose of funds without restrictions. Other output methods are not available in this example.

Bookmakers and major payment systems do not charge a withdrawal fee.

Remember that you need to pay a tax on your winnings, but sometimes you don’t have to. Read more about taxes from the game in bookmakers here:

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When it is impossible to withdraw money from a bookmaker
When withdrawing funds, the bookmaker may refuse for the following reasons:

Have not made a deposit.

You entered someone else’s data during registration.
Did not place bets on the amount of the deposit.
Created a new account in your name.
Failed identification.
When playing with illegal bookmakers, there are no pitfalls to avoid.

You may be blocked from your account, refused to withdraw funds for no reason, request documents and even be asked to explain the rules of one of the sports via video link. If you have withdrawn funds through an illegal bookmaker, the bank may block the account under the pretext of a suspicious transaction.

What to do if you refuse to withdraw money from a bookmaker
You need to contact customer support. If you play in legal bookmakers, you can write to the rating of bookmakers of the “Championship”.

If you have not violated the rules of the bookmaker, but you have been refused a withdrawal, the Championship will accept the complaint and will sort out the situation.

When playing in illegal betting shops, you have to believe in the honesty of the bookmaker.

It will not be possible to challenge any decision under the laws of the Russian Federation. From which bookmaker is the withdrawal procedure easier
In most cases, money can be withdrawn from the bookmaker’s account within an hour. With a high load on payment systems, withdrawal can take up to several days.

Legal bookmakers deal with the withdrawal in a matter of minutes. The rest of the time until the money is credited to your account is the work of payment systems.

Withdrawing money from a bookmaker is easy and fast if you play in a legal betting shop and do not violate the rules. Remember to pay taxes. If you have any problems, write to the rating of the Championship bookmakers.

This article was published thanks to the Betting Academy

“Championship” and FONBET. Study sports betting, take tests, earn experience and win the leaderboard. Overtake the editor-in-chief!