How can a bettor get leones?

All registered bettors of the portal can get bonus points, provided that a simple action is followed – to bet on sports in the lines of the bookmaker. You can make bets both from the official portal of the bookmaker and through the mobile application of BC Leon.

Leones are awarded for all types of bets, with the exception of:

bets that have been canceled and calculated according to the kef 1.0.; redeemed bets; bets with a refund.
The number of leones is calculated according to a different system, depending on whether the bet has entered or not.

With a winning bet – for 100 rubles of net profit, 2 leon is credited (from the total amount of winnings it is necessary to take away the money put on the conclusion of the bet). If the bet burns out – for 100 rubles of net loss, the player will receive 2 leon.
Example of leon accrual in BC Leon:

The player made a bet on the event with a kef of 2.50, betting 1,000 rubles on the chosen outcome.

If his forecast was successful, he receives 2,500 rubles to his account. To understand how many leonov will be credited for a bet, it is necessary to subtract the bet amount (1,000 rubles) from the total amount (2,500 rubles). In total, it turned out 1,500 rubles, for which the bookmaker will give 30 leon points. If the bet is not played, and the amount is burned, 1,000 rubles – this will be the net amount for which the BC will charge 30 leon to the player.
How to get a bonus of BC Leon for 20,000 rubles?
The offer is relevant for new portal bettors who created a gaming account in May 2021. On the bookmaker’s website, the end date of the promotion is 31.05.2021.

To receive a welcome bonus from BC Leon, players need to:

Visit the official website of the Leon bookmaker and click on “Register”. As soon as the registration form of a new participant opens, fill in all the empty fields with reliable data. Confirm your registration on the game portal and log in to BC Leon using the received data. Next, you need to deposit funds on the first deposit. All players can count on the accrual of a welcome bonus in the amount of + 100% of the amount to which the account was replenished. The maximum amount of accrual is 20,000 rubles.
The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn immediately. In order to use the money for sports betting or withdrawal, you need to collect the required number of leones.

How to get bonus points of “leona”?

To activate the amount of the accrued bonus for registration, bettors need to collect points-leones. How does it work?

In order for the bonus amount of 10,000 rubles to become available to the player, he must collect 5,000 leon. That is, the number of points should be 2 times less than the amount accrued by the bookmaker. You can see the number of collected leonov at any time by logging in to the site and visiting the player’s personal account. Also, leones can be converted into real money and withdrawn through any payment system. As soon as the bettor accumulates 10,000 leon, he can exchange them for real 5,000 rubles.