Earn on bets without risk

There is an opinion that betting cannot be earned in the long term. Because bookmakers are not created for players to earn money, but for gambling people to have fun and get even more pleasure from watching sports events. It’s like going to the movies and paying to watch. Or how to remove an expensive prostitute. Pay and have fun. Or you don’t get it, it’s not all Maslenitsa for the cat. But not everyone fully understands and accepts this philosophy and considers betting as a way of earning money. It’s like downloading a movie on the Internet for free or inventing love so as not to pay for sex.

But let’s not get distracted.

Today I want to tell you about the ways that allow you to earn money on bets without risking anything. How conditional it is depends on the chosen method. I’ll make a reservation right away, almost all methods are legal from the point of view of jurisprudence, but bookmakers have different attitudes to them. Someone will really let you get away with the money, and someone will block the account or cut the maximums.

Forks. The most common type of risk-free bets. I won’t explain what it is, you probably know for yourself. And if you don’t know and Google still hasn’t banned you, go ahead for information.

Finding forks is not so difficult: the corresponding sites and scanners breed on the Internet like rabbits on a rainy night. In order to make good money here, you need to keep large sums from many beeches and put them to the maximum, because the amount of earnings depends on the rate turnover.

More and more bookmakers treat forks negatively: they cut highs at best and get rid of unnecessary customers at worst. But they can allow you to withdraw money before that. We have to create several accounts, which is also severely suppressed by beeches. Given that the fork computing tools are being improved day by day, we can safely assume that, by and large, the fork time is passing.

There are only a few bookmakers that still allow you to place forks. But the problem is that finding a fork among these small offices is quite problematic.


Video of bets where different beeches catch a corridor for a head start or total. If the team gets into the corridor, both bets are triggered, if not, an expense happens. This is a kind of forks, only here the difference in odds is not the difference in odds, but the difference in the values of odds and totals.

Usually the consequences are the same: bookmakers cut accounts or block the account. Sometimes they can allow you to withdraw money before that.

Postgols. It is known that in most cases, a few seconds pass between an event at the stadium and a change in betting quotes. From Latin America, for example, the signal can reach the bookmaker in 8-12 seconds. If you are at the stadium, or have a faster broadcast than a bookmaker (and there are such things), this is enough to bet on an event that has already occurred (a goal scored, a set won).

There is a popular story that some bookmakers’ traders put aftershocks at competitors. Although it seems to me that this is not a bike at all.

Bookmakers’ mistakes

Some players use book errors in quotes to bet without risk. Errors can be different — from technical to analytical. And if they usually turn a blind eye to the use of the latter, then they almost always make a refund for bets on technically erroneous coefficients. Almost — because sometimes you can still get a win. But the abuse of such bets can lead to the closure of the account by the bookmaker.

Bonus Hunters

A category of people who earn on bonuses from bookmakers. Usually, in order to withdraw a bonus, you need to win it back: bet the bonus amount several times. To do this, multi-pole bets are made at different beeches with bonuses. A low-grade beech without a bonus is also suitable. Even if you lose 10-50% of the bonus, you can still earn a little. But in order to earn constantly, you need to open a new account every time, since bonuses are mainly given only to new players. And this is fraught with blocking the gaming account for multiaccounting.

Betting on contractual games

At the beginning of the text, I wrote that almost all methods are legal in terms of jurisprudence. This “almost” refers specifically to the method in question. After all, it’s one thing if you know in advance about the agreements and bet only on them. Or, even worse, you initiate a contractual match yourself to earn money on bets. You can go to jail here.

But there are matches on which you can safely bet matches

In which a certain result suits both teams. The most striking example is the 2-2 draw between Sweden and Denmark at Euro 04. There were no signs of a match-fixing in UEFA, respectively, all winnings were paid to the players. But usually for such matches, the coefficient for the desired result is greatly underestimated by the beeches, and they do not always end as expected.

Not to bet, but to accept bets

The surest way to make money on bets. Just become a bookmaker. Yes, they sometimes also become bankrupt. But in the age of progress, when the line can be bought from specialists, and the rates can be rearranged from strong beeches, even the smallest offices can be in a big plus. Getting a license and opening a betting shop is difficult and requires considerable investment. For whom this is not an option at all, look at the following method.

Partnership and advertising

An even more reliable way to earn money on bets. Many bookmakers offer to earn money by participating in an affiliate program or advertising their office. It is clear about advertising, and the essence of the affiliate program is to attract new players. Every schoolboy can concoct a website on his knees with crooked handles today. However, from such a site and the profit will be enough only for beer and school breakfasts. But a professionally created and promoted portal can bring quite decent money.

Bets on paper

Making such bets, you will never lose anything. Many people think that you won’t win anything. How to say. For me, this way you will win everything that you did not really bet. As one well-known commentator said, “I consider the amount that remained in my pocket after leaving the casino to be a win.” I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the quote, but the meaning is exactly that.

Betting for entertainment

This is the same half of the title of the article. And the most basic purpose of betting. You will earn money only with unique luck, but the adrenaline when watching even the most dreary match is guaranteed.

If none of the above methods are suitable for you, then you have chosen the wrong area for making money. But this is just my humble opinion, which sometimes may not coincide even with my own immodest.